What we do

1.  Verification Services

We offer B-BBEE verification services through accredited SANAS and IRBA approved verification agents and auditors.
Each of these service providers’ value integrity, quality and qualification in there service delivery.

2.  Consultation

B-B BEE ConsultingWe service enterprises through a national network of consultants. We respect the unique character and need for assessment of your enterprise; accordingly we assign a consultant based on your requirement.
Our consultants provide assistance with file preparation, scenario planning and strategy implementation. We actively seek solutions to empowerment challenges to serve your enterprise.
Our consultants are able to serve, provide guidance and influence on empowerment matters.

3.  Workshops and Training

B-B BEE Workshps and training
We offer regular workshops to enhance the knowledge of enterprises on B-BBEE and related topics.
Workshops can be tailored to equip different role-players (employees, and suppliers etc) to address transformation challenges more satisfactory in their environment.

4.  Ongoing Compliance

Collating B-BBEE information poses a challenge yearly.
We provide compliance management solutions that are both time efficient and cost effective, allowing your enterprise to focus on doing business.
These solutions are packaged to provide the exact solution your enterprise requires.

4.1  Supplier B-BBEE compliance

Searching for Suppliers B-BBEE certificates made easy.

Provide us with a list of your suppliers and receive a report that identifies B-BBEE procurement shortfalls, together with on-line access to the underlying certificates. These suppliers would have been verified with SARS and CIPC to ensure the integrity of the certificates. (Other check could also be explored separately)
Provide us with annual spent on these suppliers and potential exclusions and we can calculate your Preferential Procurement B-BBEE score.
A Once-off service and ongoing compliance service is available.

4.2  Verification ready and scenario planner

Throughout a financial year enterprises adhere to compliance events such as submission of Work Place Skills Plan, Employment Equity reports, Provisional tax returns etc.
The reporting periods for each of these compliance events do not necessarily tie in with the financial year end of the enterprise. Therefore enterprises constantly find themselves re-doing and collating the same information for a different period, in a different format.
With the verification ready system the underlying data (financial and non-financial) used for the compilation of these reports are kept up to date throughout the year, making collation of B-BBEE data less of a hassle.
In-house, co-source and outsourced service are available.

4.3  Supplier/Enterprise Development

4.3.1  Funded solutions

Want to make an Enterprise Development contribution? Don’t have the time to identify a beneficiary? Concerned if your contribution can make a difference in the financial and operational capacity of a beneficiary enterprise?

Your contribution and those of other entities combined can work in assisting Small Medium Enterprises to establish a business profile.

What is a business profile?

A business profile contains basic enterprise information (Name, product or service etc). The profile is backed by SARS and CIPC validations. The business profile carries a BEE status monitor – Valid BEE certificate, in process of verification etc.

This business profile is accessible to 125 000 enterprises already in possession of a business profile. These enterprises use this portal to search for vendors to engage with on their procurement needs. These enterprises have already engaged in the process of specifically contributing towards enhancing the business profile of Small Medium Enterprises in order to ensure long-term sustainability of these enterprises.

What is an enhanced business profile?

Your contribution can contribute to Small Medium Enterprise enhanced business profile. This enhanced business profile is a business needs analysis. The analysis is fundamental to understanding the beneficiary enterprises need from a financial and operational perspective. With this knowledge of the beneficiary enterprise, other enterprises can now engage to really promote and develop these Small Medium Enterprises in a sustainable manner.

Paying it forward

This enhanced business profile will be accessible to enterprises with existing business profiles. This encourages enterprises to take an interest in developing Small Medium Enterprises and taking the first step in understanding what specific assistance is required, enhancing the possibility of support, possible procurement from the beneficiary. This project vastly increases the chance of sustainable development for the beneficiary enterprise.

4.4  Strategic Demand/ Supply Side Analysis

This is Enterprise and Supplier Development going full circle.

4.4.1  Demand side analysis

We assist enterprises in identifying where their future procurement requirement will be.

4.4.2  Supply Side Analysis

We assist enterprises in identifying suppliers within their current procurement database for enterprise development initiatives or alternatively assist in a process of gathering information on potential supplier and enterprise development candidates.

Your contribution and those of other entities combined can work in assisting Small Medium Enterprises to establish a business profile.

5.  Beyond Compliance

5.1 Supplier Take-on and Supplier Registration

We can assist enterprises with collation, validation, verification,information validation, supplier ongoing compliance, tender management and supplier pre-qualification / capability / gap analysis.

5.2  Business Risk Management (and “Empowering Supplier in terms of the Revised B-BBEE Code of Good practice” status)

We provide assistance and facilitate enterprises in the compiling a supplier code of conduct. Assist with compliance management, assessment of fraud, corruption and reputational risk.

Workshop and Training dates


Date Venue Topic
22 May 2014 Midrand Understanding the challenges in the revised B-BBEE code


Date Venue Topic
5 June 2014 Durban Understanding the challenges in the revised B-BBEE code
12 June 2014 Cape town Understanding the challenges in the revised B-BBEE code
19 June 2014 Midrand Understanding the challenges in the revised B-BBEE code


Date Venue Topic
17 July 2014 Midrand Understanding the challenges in the revised B-BBEE code


Why use a B-BBEE consultant? The questions that need answering…

Taking advantage of the ‘open period’?

What is Your enterprises’ financial yearend?

Will you be using your financial yearend as the measurement period for B-BBEE verification purposes?

Will Your Enterprise be rated in terms of the ‘old’ or ‘revised’ code?

Which strategies need to be put in place before Your enterprises’ financial yearend / measurement period in order to obtain maximum points?

Is the strategies aligned with the applicable code for that measurement period?

Will Your Enterprise be rated in terms of any specific sector code?

Sector codes seek to address the unique challenges, inequalities, to unlock sector potential and enhance growth within a sector using the BEE Act as legislative framework.

What percentage of Your enterprises’ turnover is related to a specific industry or serving a specific industry? (directly or indirectly related)

What is the status if Your Enterprise derive turnover from serving multiple industries?

What is the status of sector codes in terms of the ‘revised code’?

Do You and Your Enterprise have a clear understanding of key concepts and methodologies in terms of BEE?

Need assistance unpacking the elements for Your enterprise?

“ I am a QSE  – what elements will  my enterprise be rated on in future?….”

“…. How will the discounting, due to my enterprise not meeting priority elements impact my enterprises’ BEE score….”

“… How will the application of the revised code impact my current BEE score?….”

“  … What if my company is 51% black owned – do I still need to get verified?….”

“… Everyone is going to drop 2 BEE levels …. The change will not impact me!…..”

“.. What are the indicators being measured in Skills Development (Generic) …. Is this different in the Construction Sector Code “


Opportunity or challenge?

Are You and Your entity clear on what Your challenges are/were ito the Old code?

Are You and Your entity clear on what Your challenges are/ going to be ito the Revised BEE code?


"Anje, Baie dankie vir jou flinke diens vanoggend met die oudit vir die hernuwing van die BBBEE sertifikaat."
Zelda Yssel – Proper Consulting
"I thank you very much for your time and assistance.  Prepare for my Qse next year.  You have been such a pleasure to do business with and I look forward to dealing with you in the future. Many thanks"
“ Fresh look at the new codes, with great knowledge to support it.”
Steve Jourdon – EDFM
“Gained great insight how VA access our elements on scorecard.”
Craig Fischer – Maitland Group SA
“Very thorough training.”
Marde Furter – Xone Management
“ All the information I needed and questions I had was thoroughly discussed. I do understand the new codes 100% after this workshop.”
Este Fourie – Windmeul Kelder
“ Brad Green is a very good presenter. I stayed focused the way he presented the workshop. He made it easy to understand, and he answered questions thoroughly.”
Renee Rabie – Tercopac
“I enjoyed  the practicality of the information provided, and how it was presented and explained, very insightfull.”
Magret Mukwenhu – M2TD Consulting
”The strength and challenging interpretation on the amended codes was clear and practical examples and general legislative progress from DTI, SANAS, IRBA on the application where provided.”
Ian Tshepo – NPI Consulting
“Informative, created awareness and assisted of what is necessary with regard to strategies for future planning. – thank you.”
Vera Hardman – Plantimex
“Enjoyed practiality and hands-on knowledge of presenter”
Nasreen Soolimon – Eaton Towers

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